What We Do:

Branding & Launches

BR Public Relations builds brands that stand out from the clutter and catapults them to the next level, generating enormous buzz for our diverse clients worldwide. Whether it’s launching new products and companies or multi-million dollar attractions, we deliver game-changing results with strategies that amplify your new or existing brand with millions of consumer impressions.

Social Media

Our clients benefit from a multi-faceted digital marketing campaign that boosts exposure while strengthening brand integrity and awareness. By employing and managing Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and blogs that boast interactive features, we’re able to expand our clients’ virtual presence exponentially and help build connections directly with their target audience.

Event Planning & Marketing

BR Public Relations is the premiere firm for producing mid-size to large scale special events. Special event marketing and planning includes developing a theme, arranging for speakers, coordinating location support, arranging décor, invitations, RSVPs, press coverage, security, municipal liaisons, parking, signage, emergency plans and cleanup.

Crisis Communications

BR Public Relations is one of the most highly experienced and effective PR Firms in dealing with crisis communications in the industry. The company’s crisis work includes communication strategy during high profile lawsuits, criminal allegations, corporate succession planning, and homeland security attacks.

About Us

*** BR Public Relations has been recently rated one of the top 20 New York City PR firms by Expertise.com ***

BR Public Relations brings together two powerful forces in public relations, branding, marketing and media communications: Diane Blackman and Cindy Rakowitz. Simply put, our passion and steadfast devotion to clients is unsurpassed. Over the course of our two-decade careers, we have never ceased to deliver bold ideas in a tenacious pursuit of maximum impact.

No is not in our vocabulary. We do whatever it takes to connect our clients to their targeted audiences. We don’t wait for the right opportunities; we create them. We put our clients on the map by generating the news and headlines we know the media — from traditional outlets to today’s citizen journalist -- want to cover. And we excel at the really Big Stuff…front pages of major newspapers, evening news, consumer and business publications, influential online media. We get your story in front of the trendsetters, opinion leaders and decision makers.

We’re game changers with an impressive record of turning unknown products, attractions and companies into blockbusters, building brands that stand out from the clutter and catapulting them to the next level, and generating enormous buzz for diverse clients worldwide.

In a fast changing, competitive landscape, we stand apart. We’re nimble, unconventional and we certainly don’t follow the rules. We can serve as an extension of your staff, work as on-the-ground publicists, manage all facets of your campaign or take a project off your hands and execute from start to finish.

Masterful publicity is no accident. Inspired thinking, smart tactics. Let us put our savvy consumer, brand and media insights to work for you.

Founding Partners

Cindy Rakowitz
Co-founder, BR Public Relations
BR Public Relations co-founder Cindy Rakowitz is a highly respected, award-winning executive with more than 20 years experience in marketing, crisis management, communications, public relations, promotions and product development.
Diane Blackman
Co-founder, BR Public Relations
BR Public Relations co-founder Diane Blackman has built her reputation in part with high-profile launches, and nobody does it better. Her 20 years of experience includes public relations, events, consumer marketing and branding.