Igudesman & Joo

30 Million YouTube Hits Ain’t Bad — Breaking Out of the Classical Music Ghetto With Two Virtuosic Musicians


Igudesman & Joo are two classically trained musicians whose goal is to make classical music more accessible to the public. Think Bach meets the Simpsons, Mozart hijacked by Monty Python and you have some idea of the mayhem created at the highest level of musicianship on worldwide stages. Called the successors to such classical comedic forefathers as Victor Borge and PDQ Bach, their performances are masterpieces of highbrow buffoonery, borrowing heavily from pop culture. Like the musical humorists who have gone before them,  they are brilliant performers whose technical expertise is as impressive as their comedic talents. For violinist Aleksey Igudesman and pianist Hyung-ki Joo, the mix of music, comedy, pop culture and theatre is its own art form.

The problem is they exist in a world that is often disdainful of classical music and obsessed by the whims of American popular culture – Miley Cyrus anyone? – and shows like America’s Got Talent.


To break the duo out of the classical music ‘ghetto,’ we had to make them hip  and brand them as international sensations.  To accomplish our objective, we created press materials that were inspired by the duo’s own unique voice. We spent a great deal of time on their social media, finding original content, promoting their performances, unveiling new video shorts they filmed, interacting with fans, and much more. They have over 30 million YouTube views and huge numbers of followers on Facebook and Twitter, and we have played a significant role in increasing those numbers.

We secure key media coverage in every American city the artists perform in, literally saturating the market, including daily newspapers, online, radio and TV performances. Nationally, we have increased their visibility with a targeted range of influential media outlets including interviews on two National Public Radio programs, Associated Press, The Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, CBS This Morning and Vanity Fair Magazine.


Legitimacy and much deserved respect and acclaim for these gifted artists. The cumulative media has helped to brush aside the crustiness of classical music and gone a long way in helping us achieve our goal of branding them as a hot attraction. The duo have increasingly important concert bookings including debuts with the Chicago Symphony and The New York Philharmonic. Igudesman & Joo are truly a global hit!