IMAX Corporation

Thinking Big to Make IMAX a Global Brand

Back Story

In the 90s, IMAX films were relegated to science and film magazines. Our challenge was to change the image in conjunction with the opening of the first IMAX theatre housed in a multiplex, Sony Theatres Lincoln Square in New York City. Subsequently, we were hired to handle publicity for dozens of large format films for the IMAX Corporation as well as other production companies such as Discovery/BBC.


By cultivating the media, we generated breakthrough mainstream coverage for large format films, securing unprecedented placements and high visibility in the nation’s most important outlets. For the IMAX films we represented, we were able to eliminate media resistance to the format. Media coverage was wide-ranging and included numerous front page Art features in The New York Times, as well as stories in Time, Newsweek, Today Show, Good Morning America, entertainment magazine shows including Entertainment Tonight and Extra, syndicated wire services such as Associated Press and Reuters, and business periodicals such as Business Week.


The agency played a significant role in redefining and enhancing the IMAX brand, significantly raising the company’s profits. As a result of our media education and saturation, we accelerated the growth and acceptance of large-format films as legitimate mainstream releases. Now, major studios like Warner Brothers make films simultaneously in both 35 mm and large format with great success.