Loews Cineplex Entertainment: Fandango

Turning a First-of-Its-Kind Experimental Initiative into a National Sensation

Back Story

We were asked to launch and promote Loews Cineplex Entertainment’s initiative for consumers to purchase and print film tickets from their computers through a unique partnership with Fandango.com. Since New York City was the first market to test the viability of the program, securing local media was critical.


Our goal was to reach potential moviegoers in the New York City area through saturation of all available media. To tell what was a complicated story, we supplemented press releases by providing TV outlets with an EPK (Electronic Press Kit). We filmed the entire process, from computer log-on to walking into the theater holding the movie ticket and by-passing people waiting on long lines to purchase tickets.


Our EPK allowed us to directly influence the telling of the media’s story. Every national and local television network used our EPK footage. We achieved complete saturation of the New York media: the three daily newspapers, the weeklies and every television network in the city ran stories. Additionally, we secured national coverage from CNN to CNBC and Late Night with David Letterman. Our story on CNN was also fed to thousands of TV news affiliates nationwide. By breaking down the process, Loews/Fandango got off to a terrific start and was quickly adapted nationwide.