Madame Tussauds

Though Madame Tussauds was a huge attraction throughout Europe, Americans viewed wax museums as “dark and creepy.” When the Tussauds Group opened a $50 million, 85,000 square foot interactive museum in the heart of Times Square, we were brought on to launch an aggressive public relations campaign to change this perception and educate the American public about the museum’s legacy and artistry. To generate buzz, we secured a New York Times Arts cover story announcing the imminent opening, followed by a press conference in front of the building with Mayor Giuliani standing alongside his wax portrait. Opening night was a media magnet, covered extensively by both national and international media. According to the attraction’s GM, our work resulted in brand awareness rising from 8% domestically to more than 60% in year one. Over several years, we generated a billion domestic and international media impressions. Madame Tussauds is now one of New York’s top 10 tourist destinations.