Modavox, Inc.

Boosting Internet Radio Start-up to Publicly-Traded New
Technology Pioneer

Back Story

As an online media distribution company and developer of innovative software products, Modavox straddles the worlds of radio and cutting-edge technology. Our challenge: turn techno-savvy young executives into serious players in the entertainment industry and build a brand from the ground up.


Our comprehensive media and marketing program included investor relations, executive training, recruitment, internal communications, market research, sales training and public affairs. The investor relations campaign required us not only to research a name for the fledgling company and design a logo, we had to manage cautious financial constituencies as we changed from Surfnet to Modavox, Inc. In addition to brand-building, we had to step up the talent and the caliber of companies associated with the rapidly growing networks. As part of that effort, Cindy Rakowitz, host/creator of the Modavox Radio Program “Star’s of PR,” had a historic interview with Senator Barry Goldwater Jr. that grabbed headlines from Associated Press, Chicago Sun Times, The New York Times, USA Today, Arizona Republic, NBC, ABC and CBS Network News, among others.


The agency’s high profile branding campaign enabled Surfnet Radio to grow into the fastest growing internet broadcasting company in the world, Modavox Inc. The company is divided into an internet radio arm and an interactive solutions division that provides software products to enhance, enable and protect global network based communications.