Shock Coffee

Sales of Shock Coffee — the world’s first hyper-caffeinated gourmet coffee – were flat and the company’s president BRPR onboard to reinvigorate and redefine the brand. Our goal was to ensure that Shock Coffee became the dominant player in the hyper caffeination market, aggressively build upon the brand’s awareness and create a unique identity among consumers, the media, distributors and retailers. We also worked to trend the product’s tagline “Sleep Is Overrated.” The results of our three-pronged campaign: top-tier consumer and trade press including ABC-TV’s Nightline, CNBC, Good Morning America, USA Today, Esquire, and Businessweek. The Today Show hosts sampled Shock Coffee on air. Shock Coffee became the most talked about hyper-caffeinated coffee in America, with media fans from NBC’s Today Show hosts to Jay Leno at The Tonight Show talking about the brand unsolicited by us.  The brand expanded into all 50 states and Canada.