Sony Style

Reinventing Sony Corporation’s Flagship Retail Store in Manhattan

Back Story

Sony Corporation retained the agency to open its redesigned flagship multi-level retail store located in its New York headquarters. Sales were weak as Sony was competing with sales of its electronic and music products in stores throughout the city. The re-designed store’s concept provided a missing link in contemporary retail – connecting high-tech with high-touch – putting the focus on the sensuality of the shopping experience instead of strictly on the product. With this fresh approach, Sony Style hoped to reinvent the shopping experience, and in the process woo female shoppers intimated by purchasing electronics in big box stores.


With the primary target the tri-state media and customers, teasers were mailed to the media, tours were conducted on site, celebrities were invited to sample the lounge-like amenities, and an aggressive media outreach was implemented. Additionally, specific campaigns targeting national holidays such as Thanksgiving, Fathers Day and Christmas were executed with great success. We received a wide-range of press coverage, including CNN, The Today Show, FOX Style News, Associated Press, Metropolitan Home, Vogue, Newsweek, Harpers Bazaar, Conde Nast Traveler, Women’s Wear Daily, and Town & Country.


The resulting wide-ranging publicity and pedestrian traffic translated into record-breaking sales and the store has become a invaluable marketing tool for Sony Corporation to introduce its products, from CDs to electronics.