Social Media

We understand how to shape opinions and build brands in this highly competitive space. A key success factor is our ability to develop compelling stories that drive word-of-mouth. It’s not just about producing great content, but content that people share.

Social outreach on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter can have a strong impact on a brand, give your brand a definable personality and allow the consumer to directly communicate —in real time. It also means you can create a relatable, recognizable brand persona to heighten engagement and inspire consumer loyalty.

One of our many clients who’ve benefited from our digital marketing campaigns are musicians Igudesman & Joo. BRPR transformed their digital presence and played a very significant role in doubling awareness from 20 million to over 40 million views on YouTube – and created new and more engaged communities of fans and brand evangelists who continue to follow them globally.  Another example is our ongoing social media campaign for the culinary pop-up event Diner en Blanc over the past nine years. We have generated such a huge buzz and awareness for the event that the wait list each year in US cities is somewhat legendary – in New York there were 60,000 people on the wait list for the 2019 event.