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DEVIN CRANE, DEVIN CRANE GALLERY – “I would highly recommend Cindy Rakowitz to anyone who wants their visibility in the marketplace and business to explode. I have known Cindy for the past 8 years, and was beyond thrilled when I hired her to handle all of the PR work for my last gallery exhibit in Los Angeles. Before working with her, my Google traffic was only 2500. After Cindy it exploded to 4,000,000. She manages expectations and exceeds your wildest dreams of maximum exposure.”

BILL FRANZBLAU, ENTERTAINMENT & BROADWAY PRODUCER – “Diane Blackman is very results oriented and passionately believes in her clients. I could not recommend the agency more highly. I have hired her for every company I have managed.”

HARRY FORBES, DIRECTOR OF PR, PBS – “Diane Blackman is a terrific publicist whom I’ve known and respected for years. During my tenure as head of Program Press Relations for PBS, I hired Diane for our most prestigious series and programs and she did a masterful job each time, proving she could work successfully with some very difficult talent. She consistently delivered excellent placements. If you’re looking to promote your project or personality, you couldn’t do better than Diane.”

TOM HAYES, PRODUCER, TELEMOTIONS LLC – “I have worked with Diane on several of her leading accounts providing EPKs and other supporting video. She is incredibly savvy when it comes to knowing how to make the media listen and react. One particular memory was how she was able to secure stories using video I produced about the introduction of Fandango to virtually every single news program in the New York market, as well as a multitude of national TV outlets. You’re in good hands with Diane.”

HUGH HEFNER, FOUNDER, PLAYBOY ENTERPRISES INC. – “In other words…they don’t make PR people like Cindy anymore.”

PAMELA HENNING, SVP SALES AND INTEGRATED MARKETING, FOX CABLE NETWORKS – “I have worked with Diane Blackman forever – since 1993. She’s an out of the box thinker who doesn’t say no. I’ve brought her on board to every company I have worked with that needed immediate turnaround, strategy, brand building and dedication. Diane delivers results. Hire her now.”

IGUDESMAN & JOO, MUSICIANS – “Working with Diane is always a great pleasure. Diane and her team are incredibly invested in each and every project with immense care and great passion. Great reviews in the New York Times, getting featured in Vanity Fair, Associated Press, interviews and performances on NPR, BBC, CBS This Morning and countless other huge TV and Radio appearances – we have much to be grateful for through many years of successful collaborations!”

JP JOFRE, COMPOSER-BANDONEONIST – “Outstanding, meticulous PR representation coupled with dynamic performance artistry and talent achieves the press it deserves. Both of my albums, Hard Tango and Double Concerto for Violin and Bandoneon, had international acclaim thanks to the incredible work of Diane Blackman and her team. Diane’s passion for her clients’ work – and the energy she brings to her job is outstanding, honest and admirable. She will only take on new clients if she sees something special and only if she believes in you. It’s THE seal of approval. This is so rare nowadays. Diane is remarkable.”

ROBBI KEARNS, DIRECTOR OF ARTISTIC OPERATIONS, NEW YORK YOUTH SYMPHONY – “The New York Youth Symphony is grateful to Diane for her tremendous efforts to expand awareness of our programs and commissions during our 50th anniversary year. She cares deeply for her clients.”

STUART KRICUN, VICE PRESIDENT, BUSINESS AND LEGAL AFFAIRS, PLAYBOY ENTERTAINMENT GROUP, INC. – “Cindy and I interfaced on a number of issues while I was in Legal at Playboy and she showed great acumen in addressing the legal issues that crossed over into P.R. areas. She also is very intuitive and provided good input on matters that needed to be addressed in a legal fashion.”

PHILIPPE QUINT, VIOLINIST – “Diane Blackman‘s true passion for the arts and the artists she works with set her apart from other public relations firms. What started as a working relationship has grown into a decade-long friendship. Diane’s extensive knowledge of the business, uncanny ability to identify the very heart of the project, and creative and imaginative approach based on specific needs of individual artists, makes her a unique ambassador in the world of public relations.

During a very turbulent moment in my life, when my Stradivarius violin was spirited away in a taxi, Diane was not only my friend and a shoulder to cry on, but she confidently turned the situation into a real positive, by arranging a special concert for taxi drivers at a makeshift stage at the Newark airport, an event that was attended by all major media outlets, including CNN, ABC Evening News, CBS Evening News, AP, Reuters, BBC World, The New York Times, The London Times, and even the front page of China’s national newspaper. I am eternally grateful to Diane for being able to transform a very grim moment in my life into a celebration of love, empathy, humanity.”

ELIZABETH WEBER, MANAGER, IGUDESMAN & JOO – “No one has done more for us than BRPR and Diane Blackman. She is a tireless champion of our work and we are deeply indebted to her.”

SIMON WYNBERG, ARTISTIC DIRECTOR, ARC ENSEMBLE (CANADA’S ROYAL CONSERVATORY) – “Diane secures top-tier interviews and creates buzz. She provides you with none of the usual hollow PR guarantees and empty promises. Diane does something more important: she delivers. She has brought intellect, imagination, enthusiasm and energy to all my projects with the ARC Ensemble and she is completely and loyally invested in their success. She is also an absolute pleasure to work with.”

BENJAMIN ZANDER, CONDUCTOR BOSTON SYMPHONY, BOSTON YOUTH SYMPHONY – “Diane Blackman is truly a musician’s publicist. She starts with the same passion that her artists have for their craft, and then she uses her great intelligence, her many connections, and the expertise of her wonderful team to bring that passion to the attention of the world. Love is at the heart of what Diane does for us and her brilliant strategic mind focuses all her energy on sharing the excitement of our work with as many people as possible.”