BRENT BAMBURGER, VICE PRESIDENT MARKETING, MULTIVISION – “BRPR took our completely unknown business and put it on the map in the industry we wanted to target – ironically, the PR industry itself. We hired Diane and her stellar team to position our brand to the PR trade and to find creative ways to leverage the data we could provide for PR firms and corporate marketing departments. As a result, we ended up selling the company to a global information services firm in less than 18 months later. I’d hire Diane back in a heartbeat.”

BOB BEJAN, VP GLOBAL EVENTS, PRODUCTION & MARKETING, MICROSOFT – “Diane is an “A” player in the PR field. I have worked with her in a variety of settings and situations and she has delivered outstanding results in all of the situations and projects we have taken on. I would, without hesitation, recommend Diane to anyone seeking expert advice, council and support in the field of PR and Publicity.”

TIM GALLAGHER, PRESIDENT, GALLAGHER 20/20 CONSULTING – “Cindy is focused energy in motion. She is experienced, clever and well-connected. I often turn to her for help in solving some of the public relations riddles because she has “seen it all.” Cindy is one of the most creative people in the business and she never takes “No” for an answer. She finds solutions.”

ROBERT GROSSMAN, PRESIDENT & EXECUTIVE PRODUCER, FOCUS CREATIVE GROUP – “I have had the distinct pleasure or collaborating with Cindy on several projects, one of which was a panel she moderated for a professional group on social media. Her expertise in PR, marketing and social media clearly puts her in a leadership position in her industry. Bottom line, if she can’t get you the publicity you need, very few can.”

MICHAEL HAUKE AND JUSTIN ZUCKER, CO-FOUNDERS, BOX-O-BOX – “BRPR came in clutch to give our business a well needed boost. They executed very effectively on a finite time-line, with the diligence and decisiveness needed to accomplish the tasks at hand. They have resources they leverage to successfully land all kinds of promotional placements; from very large national placements, to a laundry list of ‘mom & pop’ type outlets as well. BRPR was a great fit for our business; positioning us to the media of much larger proportions all-the-while giving us the attention that one hopes for from a boutique agency. ”

PR NEWS – “Rakowitz is filling a void in the public relations business.”

DEBORAH SHAMES, PRINCIPAL, ELOQUI COMMUNICATIONS – “This woman is exceptional! She has a firm grasp of the PR Industry, and knows how to work it. We’ve been disappointed with other PR companies who talk a good game but don’t deliver. Cindy is the opposite. She has great connections, has a terrific instinct for how to position everything.”