DAVID NORDELLA, VICE PRESIDENT OF BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT, THE COMMERCIAL FINANCE GROUP – “Cindy Rakowitz did a great job on moderating a conference that provided profound insights into the rapidly evolving world of LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. She led a panel of four experts in the social media field and instructed an audience of 150 professionals through the necessity of a social media strategy and how to implement a personal strategy. Cindy was informative and upbeat while managing to keep the conversation moving forward. I came away with a lot of content that should enable me to use the social networking sites much more effectively. I recommend Cindy for your consideration with confidence.”

MICHAEL S. PERLIS, VICE CHAIR, FORBES – “There isn’t a person in the world who works more energetically and passionately than Cindy Rakowitz. She continues to make a cultural impact and always gets results! She has an extraordinary track record in entertainment, publishing, product marketing and is highly regarded as a respected US business ambassador during her frequent international assignments.”

IRA YOFFEE, VP / CREATIVE DIRECTOR, PARADE MAGAZINE – “I first met Diane years ago when I was the VP/ Creative Director at PARADE magazine. She was doing publicity for a new book and TV series that Julia Child was about to introduce. Diane did an amazing job then and has only gotten better over the years. Diane is the real thing. She is creative, innovative and tireless in the pursuit of excellence.”