Retail / Destination Attractions / Movie Exhibitors

SCOTT BAXTER, FOUNDER & CEO, SA BAXTER: ARCHITECTURAL HARDWARE – “There is no one better to SEND YOUR MESSAGE to the world. It takes Strategy, Focus, and an ‘I do not take no for a answer’ attitude in this difficult PR environment to get noticed. Diane Blackman has all three attributes. I have hired her three times over 12 years for three different and successful ventures.”

JANINE DIGIOACCHINO, GENERAL MANAGER, MADAME TUSSAUDS NEW YORK – “Diane and I have been professional colleagues since October 1999 when she and her team was selected as the public relations and communications agency of choice for Madame Tussauds New York. She delivered an unparalleled level of media impressions, driving up the brand awareness from 8% domestically to over 60% in year one. The agency’s work ethic and character are outstanding.”

LYNN MARSCHKE, VP, IMAX AND EVENT MARKETING, SONY / LOEWS CINEPLEX ENTERTAINMENT – “Lights! Camera! Action! For 12 years working side by side, Diane and I achieved levels of accomplishment and innovation that have been widely recognized worldwide. Diane got us unparalleled coverage and helped guarantee the fulfillment of our overall marketing efforts. She is unique, creative and demanding in her strategies and leaves nothing unturned with an drive that yielded top tier, often jaw dropping, results. No business, regardless of focus, should be without a partner like Diane. She is a Superstar in the field of PR.”

TRAVIS REID, CEO, LOEWS CINEPLEX ENTERTAINMENT – “Diane worked with us at Loews for 12 years and was very successful in building awareness for the Company, our new locations and our marketing initiatives. Diane is professional, creative and an excellent relationship builder, all of which she leverages to the benefit of her clients.”