Three Strikes Your Out—Apologies are meaningless if

Too Late for Apologies

We encourage apologies! We are all human. We all make mistakes. However, in recent history we witnessed public apologies that failed miserably. Often times, we see apologies that may have taken too long after the faux pas. This might have been the case for Tiger Woods after his embarrassing infidelity bust—but as long as he keeps up a stellar game of golf the world finally forgives him.

In the case of Anthony aka Carlos Danger Weiner, there are no words—but I will try to find them anyway! A public figure planning to run for New York City Mayor will not get away with multiple sexting incidents no matter how powerful or forgiving his wife appears to be. A New York City Mayoral candidate has to learn lessons from his first mistake. Apologies can get you a “get out of jail free” pass only so many times.

Then there was the perpetual “foot in mouth” syndrome we’ve seen with Paula Deen. Rather than thinking about what happened and talking with people to gain context and clarity, Paula Deen went rogue in one of her video apologies and said what was in her heart: “Your color of your skin, your religion, your sexual preference does not matter to me …”

I generally tell my clients that apologies must be immediate to put out the digital wildfires. However, choose your words carefully and tone carefully! She had no regard for how people describe themselves and this exasperated an already bad situation. I noticed later that many celebrities from the black community came forward and asked the public to forgive her. In this case, it would have been a wise move to ask these constituents to come forward as a primary response.

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